District Governor's Message

District Governor’s Message – December 2020

My dear friends, brothers, and sisters in Rotary,

Despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent imposition of the seemingly never ending Movement Control Order (MCO) and Conditional MCO, we have made tremendous progressesvis-a-vis our targets set. I am proud to announce that we have created history by crossing the 2,000 psychological and elusive membership mark in the first 5 months of the Rotary year. We have chartered 4 new clubs and formed 2satellite clubs, one of which is a cause-based (badminton) club with its focus
primarily on badminton as a channel to provide a life transformation training programme for youths from families with financial challenges. The existing clubs brought in 81 new members while the 4 new clubs contributed 133 or 62% of the net increase, bringing the total to 2,018 members as of 30 Nov 2020. My sincere thanks to all for making it happen. Let us continue to grow the District by placing membership development and retention as the top priority of your club. We are now one step closer to our goal of 2,500 members, let us be more open and inclusive, welcome people with diverse backgrounds, different perspectives and ideas to grow Rotary. There is always the opportunity in Rotary when we open up ourselves to others!

Our contributions to The Rotary Foundation amounted to USD 66,385 as of 30 Nov 2020, a far cry from our target of USD 300,000. I truly echo fully the message sent out by the Foundation Trustee Chair PRIP K.R. Ravindran – “The year-end holidays are upon us. It is a time of giving and sharing, but it is not limited to our loved ones. It is also for the people we have never met and will never see, for those who are not fortunate as we (are) and could use a helping hand….. Remember that your gifts to the Foundation amplify our work in all areas of focus. They are perpetuated, not just today but long after we are gone”. I appeal to you to make a contribution, big or small, to the Foundation as your gifts will change the lives and the world of many!

Given the challenges and uncertainties, the District has made a lot of adjustments to adapt to the new normal. I
have resumed my club visits adopting virtual, hybrid or in-person format depending on the condition. So far 32
clubs have been covered and I am happy to say that our Rotarians generally have faith in our wonderful
organisation. As promised, I will make every effort to visit all the clubs physically when the condition improves.

As for the District training activities and programme, there is not a moment we stopped. Virtual RYLA has
been officially launched on 31 October and it is running up smoothly and hopefully the 50 out of the 150
participants selected could attend the final training workshop in-person in March 2021. Many other events andactivities will have to be rescheduled, redesigned and reformatted with creativity and innovations – AGM, Mid-Term Review, Interact Assembly, Vibrant Club leaders Training Seminar, Asia Pacific Rotaract Regional Conference, Rotaract Conference, District Conference etc. The key consideration is health and safety of our

As you are aware, Rotary designates every month a major theme to remind us our role and responsibilities as a
Rotarian. December is dedicated to Disease Prevention and Treatment which is one of TRF’s areas of focus.
Really, the health and vitality of anyone – a person, family and community can be seriously impaired by what is
in many cases a preventable disease. In cognizance of the needs, the District has set up the following District
action groups to create awareness and address the pressing needs of the health concerns in these areas locally:-

District Action Group on Autism
District Action Group on Blindness Prevention
District Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives
District Action Group on Cancer Awareness and Prevention
District Action Group on Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Clubs are encouraged to contact, connect and collaborate with the above action groups so as to reach out wider and deeper to the community in need as well as having our impact and presence felt in our community. In the face of Covid-19 pandemic, the Covid-19 Project Task Force set up in IPDG Lioh’s year, headed by PDG Siti
Subaidah, continues to work on Phase 2 of the Project – Stop The Spread Campaign : Wear A Mask, Wash Your Hands and Social Distancing. There is also the Dengue Epidemic Control Action Group set up in other districts where guidance and advice on the appropriate actions to be taken without reinventing in tackling the dengue issues commonly faced by us are there for us.

December is also the month when clubs nominate and elect their club leaders and office bearers for the
upcoming Rotary year. As the incoming presidents, you should feel proud and honoured to have the trust and
confidence that your clubs have reposed in you. Go forth confidently as you will have the support from your
club, RI and Incoming District Training Team, the Incoming District Secretariat and most importantly the
support from the incoming District Governor Dato Bindi. They have been working tirelessly to make sure that
you are well equipped with the working knowledge and leadership skills to effectively and confidently take on
your office comes 1st July 2021. Start working on a strategic plan for your club, develop and share your goals
early to get the necessary buy-in. This is highly pertinent and critical for the incoming presidents to have an
enjoyable and successful year ahead. Besides, this is also the month clubs will follow the nomination and election process as provided by RI’s Manual of Procedures and Code of Policies to elect the District Governor for RY2023-24.

Before I sign off, Kim and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a blessed and
enjoyable holiday session. Stay safe and healthy! God bless you all!

Your brother in Rotary

Teoh Kwan Swee
RY2020-21 District Governor
RI District 3300

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