District Governor's Message

District Governor’s Message – November 2020

My dear friends, brothers and sisters in Rotary,

November is designated by Rotary as a Foundation month. As the charity arm of Rotary International, it
transforms our gifts into projects that change the lives both close to home and around the world. Foundation
grants empower Rotarians all across the globe to approach the most pressing issues and challenges faced
by us such as fighting diseases, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education and growing local economies. In this regards, The Foundation awarded in the 2018 fiscal year a total of USD 8.66 billion in funding to the following areas:-

Preventing Diseases (USD 3.57 billion))
Providing Clean Water (USD 1.88 billion)
Suppoting Education (USD 1.10 billion)
Growing Local Economies (USD 1.05 billion)
Others (USD 1.06 billion)

The District had in last Rotary year recorded an unprecedented and historic achievement of USD 963,009.16
in donations and givings to The Rotary Foundation, attributed primarily to the very generous givings by
Immediate Past District Governor Lioh Cheng Lim (USD700,000+), making himself the first Arch Klumph
Society Chair Circle member from District 3300 and of course, the many kind and generous fellow, Rotarians
in the District who deep in their hearts believe in and are committed to Doing Good In The World. To place
on record, I have received and presented together with IPDG Lioh the 100% PHF Club Banner and
recognition to RC Sri Petaling during my visit to the Club in September 2020. I have also received the 2019-20
Rotary Foundation recognition banners, certificates and congratulatory letters for clubs that qualified for Top
Three (3) Highest Per Capita Annual Giving and they are RC Tampin, RC Damansara and RC Sri Petaling;

Every Rotarian, Every Year Club (26 clubs); 100% Foundation Giving Club (27 clubs); and End Polio Now :
Countdown to History Campaign Certificate of Appreciation (5 clubs). These recognition banners and
appreciation certificates will be presented, hopefully together with IPDG Lioh, to these clubs on a certain
suitable occasion, either individually or collectively. Congratulations and thank you for making The Rotary
Foundation one of the priorities in your club. As for this current Rotary year, our achievements are Annual
Giving – USD 27,867.82 and Polio Fund – USD 7,416.00. I sincerely appeal to all to continue to support The
Rotary Foundation as well as our very own Yayasan Kelab-Kelab Rotary Malaysia (YKKRM) this Rotary
year and beyond. As it is, I have received the pledge from IPDG Lioh for another TRF contribution of
USD100,000 this year. Thank you, IPDG Lioh, you truly make the difference and we are extremely grateful
for your generous donations.

It is really tough going and challenging as we move forward after the first 100 days into the new Rotary year. The recent spike in Covid-19 cases and the subsequent imposition of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Kuala Lumpur, Putra Jaya and Selangor has again called for changes and adjustments in our plan. While I have no choice but to either cancel or postpone some of the Rotary events that I am involved in and official club visits, the District, however, moves on under the new normal. The District organised a virtual talk to create awareness on Polio and together with many clubs celebrated the success of our fight against this dreadful disease so far on 24 October – World Polio Day which was a special day established to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk who led the first team to develop a vaccine against polio. At the same time, fund raising activities in support of our effort to eradicate polio totally from the surface of our planet Earth were held by clubs all over the District. Thank you, my friends and brothers and sisters in District 3300 for your commitment and support!

The District Training Team led by PDG Kirenjit, on the other hand, continues its plan to organise the monthly virtual RYLA sessions, which focus primarily on employability and entrepreneurship for young people, starting from October 2020 till March 2021 where the session will be held in-person for those short-
listed participants. The Team has also planned in the pipeline virtual session to share information and knowledge about Interact movement, Youth Exchange and YKKRM. The necessary adjustments to our
final Vibrant Club Leaders Training Seminar (VCLTS) in Kuantan originally scheduled in October have to
be made following the imposition of CMCO. The final VCLTS has now been rescheduled to 19th December
2020 in Kuantan (same venue).

After 31 official club visits, I must say that it is a life time experience for me. Really, nothing is better
compared to physical visits where I am in close contact and “intimate” encounter with the club leaders and
members. Every club is different but I have received the same warmth, friendliness and hospitality
extended to me and more importantly I can really feel the “pulse” of the clubs and the trust they have in
me, which I believe I won’t get it if club visits are conducted on-line. I will resume my official club visits
once the condition permits me to do so. Virtual club visits will only be arranged when it is deemed
necessary and unavoidable.

I am again extremely happy to inform that following the birth of our newest club, RC HartaMas, we have
now chartered 3 new traditional clubs and 2 satellite clubs in our District in the first 4 months in this new
Rotary year, bringing the total number of clubs from 82 to 85 and membership from 1,795 to 1,952 as of 30
October 2020. As I have said earlier, my top priority is to grow the District and there is no finishing line for
membership growth. We must strive on with different club models that suit the needs of the community in
order to grow the District and have our presence felt in every part of the country. In this light, please initiate
and institute a strategic plan for your club to ensure growth and retention of your club members. Where do
you want your club to be one year from now, three years from now…..!

Looking at the calendar, soon we will meet for our Mid-Term Review. Please update your achievements in
your Rotary Club Central. Every club should strive to achieve the Rotary Citation as this is not only the most
important recognition given by RI to clubs to signify the all round health and vibrancy of the club, it is a
great honour for the president and members of the club for such an achievement. At the Mid-Term Review,
your AG and the District Officers will be there to guide you.

October came and went with great excitements to some, perplexion and disillusionment to a few but trust
and faith in the organisation to the majority. The selection and election process and procedures for the
RY2023-24 Governor for our District are taking its course. Let us respect and allow the due process that has
been in place to flow through even if we have differing views. It is critically important to have cohesiveness,
unity and harmony in any organisation for members to work as a team!

In Rotary, there are so many ethical standards, guiding principles and core values for us to look up to. It is tolerance that constitutes one of the most important virtues in the Rotary spirit. As early as 1911, our founder Paul Harris in his essay “Rational Rotarianism” said, “if by interposition of providence I someday were to find myself standing on a platform in some greatColiseum looking into the eyes of every living Rotarian, and were to be told that I could have one word to say, and without an instant’s hesitation and at the top of my voice, I would shout TOLERATION”.

Yours in Rotary Service
Teoh Kwan Swee
2020-21 District Governor
RID 3300

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