President's Message

Outgoing President’s Message 2020-21

Dear Members of Rotary Club of Sentul,

We have come to the end of the Rotary term 2020-2021. When I started the year, I was prepared for a normal year, even though COVID 19 Pandemic had started in March 2020. I thought the pandemic would end soon and we can lead a normal life, back to work, back to school, back to getting our projects done, back to meetings and fellowships. But it wasn’t what I had in mind. It was definitely a very hard hit, with a lot of uncertainties and question marks.

Being a freshie in Rotary, I did have plans to bring our Club to greater heights, hearing stories from my Past Presidents, who have excelled well. I had planned to get projects done for Schools in Sentul vicinity. We had lined up a lot programs and projects pertaining to school and school students.

With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down or changing, we had to change all our strategies in coping with the pandemic. Some members just couldn’t cope with the new norm. Everything started to change. Projects, Meetings as well as Fellowships was never the same again.

Despite the challenges, we did have a great team of members, the Senior Members and the Young Vibrant Member, who showed beautiful signs of teamwork. We did manage to get new projects based on the current situation in our country, on what we can do to help the society during the hard times. We managed to get sponsors for Food Items to be delivery to the needy one.

I would like to credit Our Assistant Governor, my Board Members and fellow Rotarians of Rotary Club of Sentul who worked tirelessly the whole year, who helped to meet our target and our goals. We made sure if not all but most of the goal and pledges are achieved. Ad-hoc projects also helped us in achieving our target and goals. Despite the challenges thrown to me, proud to say that I have achieved my Rotary Citations.

It has been always been Rotary’s Motto “Service Above Self” to serve our community and people in need. But it was totally different experience. It definitely helped us to bond with each other, getting to know our members better. This is Rotary, build around fellowship, humanity, and service. With the Rotary Opens Opportunities theme, hopefully we have shown some new path in the life of the people we have worked with; in the community we made our project and, in the course, that we missioned. These differences should stay and keep improving in the coming year.

Let us continue our good work. The term ends to give way to another beginning. Let us all keep the good deed that we have been doing all the time. As a Rotarian, our works will never end until a single human in this world in vain or in need; until the world become better place to live.

Let me take another opportunity to thank all our members and apologies if I had made any mistake at any point, forgive me for any shortcomings and unavailability at times when I cannot attend our projects.

I had a wonderful year and I look forward for more excitement and wonderful years ahead. I strongly believe Incoming President Geetha Vadivelu and her board are even more enthusiastic and energized to face Rotary Year 2021-2022. I wish Incoming President Geetha Vadivelu and her board all the best and a fruitful year. Let’s us work together towards for the betterment of our club and our society.

Your Truly

Beula G Pangras
President Y2020/21

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